Touchdown @ IFA ’16, CES & CeBIT ’17

Four new exciting products are being revealed exclusively during the 2016 IFA in Berlin, Germany from 2nd to 7th of September and 2017 CES in Las Vegas, USA between 5th and 8th of January and the 2017 CeBIT in Hannover, Germany from 20th to 24th of March.

The Xtreme V2 as well as the TWIST 300 are two new products available to consumers in the first quarter of 2017. Both follow the RC Logger philosophy continuing the approach of combining outstanding design with state of the art technology. Simply the art of building unique multi-rotor machines.

To experience both first hand, head down to RC Logger’s booth at the CeBIT in Hannover, where you can stand a chance to walk away with the Navigator 250, a fully ready to fly first-person-view trainer and racer.

Simply download, read  the contest card, scan the QR code and enter the required information or drop by at our booth during the CeBIT. Entry submissions must be returned to the RC Logger booth or submitted online by March 25th or earlier. Terms and conditions as outlined on the contest card apply.

 How to locate us @ the CeBIT

 TWIST 300 – The true 3D Masterpiece


A true 3D master in its class, the new RC EYE TWIST 300 not only convinces through its outstanding, futuristic and very rigid design, but also offers the most outstanding flight control system ever developed for a 3D multi-rotor acrobatic machine. Fully engineered in Germany, the flight controller uses 6-layer circuit board technology, typically available in Smartphones. Fully integrated, exceptionally fast responding speed controllers are unmatched in today’s industry. State of the art sensor technology completes this true acrobatic masterpiece.

  • Designed for inverted 3D acrobatic high performance flying
  • Light weight carbon and composite airframe designed for hard 3D action
  • Distinct LED illumination at arms and body to assist flight orientation
  • Powered by Scorpion high end brushless motor technology
  • Quick release battery tray
  • Ultra compact, multilayered flight control system engineered in Germany
  • Auto-balancing 6-axis Gyro technology

 Navigator 250 – The ideal FPV Trainer and Racing Platform

Designed specifically for individuals wanting to experience and learn from a pilot’s perspective, the RC EYE Navigator is a safe, fun and intuitive solution to step into FPV; complete and ready to fly. The Navigator features a built-in HD camera and recorder with a 5.8 GHz video transmitter that delivers real-time, gimbal-stabilized high definition images so you can clearly see where you’re flying. The integrated LED lights make it easy to see the orientation from a distance, night or shine.