Xtreme V2

The Xtreme V2 is a 180 size ready-to-fly fun and FPV quadcopter integrated with a razor-sharp HD camera, real-time video transmission and HD video recording system with an integrated 4.3" color monitor.

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Xtreme V2

The Xtreme V2 is a 180 size ready-to-fly fun and FPV quadcopter integrated with a razor-sharp HD camera, real-time video transmission and HD video recording system with an integrated 4.3″ color monitor.


The V2 Story

When the very first RC EYE Xtreme was released it quickly became one of the most well known drones in the industry. Being one of the first sub 250 sized drones with brushless motors and refined flight characteristics all at an incredible price point, it became a standard. Even with it’s release being nearly 4 years ago, it’s still hold’s onto it’s status, with many customers still flying their Xtreme’s to this day.

Now to the present day…

The time came and we decided it was time to create a V2 of the Xtreme. We didn’t want to just simply change a few things, but rather go back to the drawing board and create a new version that would once again change the standard for all others to compare.

The V2 focuses on: 1. Durability 2. Customization 3. Expandability

These 3 features led us on the path creating a drone for the masses, optimized for the beginner, but could be enjoyed by the experienced pilot as well. Whatever your level is, you deserve fun.

Join the revolution…

The Xtreme V2 has been a long time in the making. We believe that the V2 is a game changer. It is offering a wide range of features and neat customization options for the user. Simply an affordable, quality build and power packed fun flyer.

Adjustable camera tilt

You can get the angle just right for what you the pilot wants. The Xtreme V2 offers a manually adjustable camera from +35 to -60 degrees.

Razor-sharp HD camera recording

The Xtreme V2 has an integrated micro SD card slot to record your flight directly from the razor-sharp HD camera.

Control the start and stop recording function directly from the remote control. Micro SD cards of up to 128 GB are supported providing large space for continuous recording.

Tool-less propeller design

Using a reverse thread propeller design ensures the props will stay fully secured without getting loose during flight.

Propellers can be quickly and easily removed and installed and secured without tools. The propellers are secured against getting loose during flight.

Brushless motors

The Xtreme V2 is powered by brushless motors which offer a much greater power conversion and performance as well as reliability and durability over other drones in this product category that only use less efficient brushed motors.


The Xtreme V2 focuses on the mechanical construction and material to ensure a strong and robust design able to handle even intense crashes that come with learning how to fly. The durability gives you confidence as you start your journey as a drone pilot all the way from beginner to becoming an expert.

Plug and Play maintenance

The Xtreme V2 offers complete parts replacement and you can easily get the needed replacement part and keep on flying.

Repairs are quick and easy with plug and play connectors. You only require the use of a screwdriver. There are no special tools or any soldering required.

Flight modes

4 flight modes:

  • Beginner
  • Sport
  • Acrobat
  • Expert

Additional modes:

  • Altitude height hold
  • Auto flip and roll

Upgrade, PPM & Spektrum ready

When you decide you are ready for more, you can have the “Race” options which include 3S Lipo batteries for increased performance and speed.

Another part of the race options is the high performance propeller series which enhance the performance and speed of the Xtreme V2. Longer range video transmitter and receiver upgrades will be available to increase the range.

A fast, secure and low latency PPM port is available allowing pilots to install optional receivers compatible with most commonly used transmitter systems. Various protocol types are supported. The Xtreme V2 binds to Spektrum radio systems directly as it is compatible with common Spektrum protocols. The Spektrum brand is a trademark of Horizon Hobbies USA.

Customized canopy (add-on)

To customize your Xtreme V2, you can select from 7 different canopy colors and switch the canopy every time you fly based on what your feeling that day with a simple and easy swap. Two colors, red and yellow, are included with the standard package.

Illuminated motor arms

RGB multi-color LEDs at the front arms indicate flight mode selection during flight, so you’ll always know which flight mode you’re in. Red rear LEDs provide orientation support as well as warning indicators including low voltage detection. The combined lighting of the front and rear lights helps the pilot also be able to enjoy night flights.

Real-time video transmission

4.3″ screen embedded directly into the remote control with a reliable 5.8 GHz video transmission and reception system allowing a near real-time and live view via an integrated 4.3″ color monitor for a first-person view flight experience right out of the box.

Camera control

The controls of the camera’s recording built directly into the remote control, so just a quick push of the button allows you to start recording at that perfect moment. Stop the recording at any time during the flight or start it over again.

Vantage FPV headset (optional)

The Vantage FPV headset is made to work effortlessly with the Xtreme V2 remote control and give you an immediate out of the box immersive First Person View. Open the box, put on the headset and experience being surrounded by the FPV world.

Video input connector

It’s as simple as plugging in the provided cable from V2 remote control into the headset and you have instant live feed. No trying to figure out channels or antenna’s to install. It’s a truly out of the box experience. This unique setup allows for the goggles to have a zero lag live 5.8 GHz feed directly from the feed that is coming from the Xtreme V2 remote control. It also keeps the design simple and clean without the need for additional equipment.


  • Frame size

    Approx. 180 mm

  • Video

    5.8 GHz VTX
    40 channels
    HD, 30 fps recording

  • Camera

    On board DVR
    30 fps

  • Gimbal

    1-axis adjustable camera
    + 35/- 60 deg tilt angle

  • Radio transmitter

    2.4 GHz DSSS/ FHSS based
    8 channels
    Built in 4.3”screen
    Built in 5.8 GHz VRX
    150 m (500 feet) range at line of sight

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Q: Where can I order the Xtreme V2?
A: You can order it on www.RCLogger.com.

Q: Can the Xtreme V2 be shipped internationally?
A: Yes, it is shipped by DHL Express worldwide.

Q: What is the shipment date of the Xtreme V2?
A: Shipping starts from mid of August 2017. Due to limited product availability, shipment is on the first come, first served basis.

Q: Will the Xtreme V2 be available on Amazon.Com?
A: Yes. You will be able to purchase the Xtreme V2 via our US Amazon store by end of August 2017.

Q: Where on Amazon US can I find your products?
A: You’ll find them at http://amazon.com/shops/droneart