Designed for inverted 3D acrobatic high performance flying. The art of building drones. For Pilots – By Pilots!

Fly the TWIST 300

Twist Twist
  • Designed for hard 3D action designed for inverted 3D acrobatic high performance flying

    The TWIST is the most outstanding flight control system ever developed for a 3D multi-rotor acrobatic machine.

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  • Auto-balancing 6-axis Gyro technology

    Auto leveling at its best through modern sensor technology providing uncompromised self-leveling characteristics.

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  • Ultra compact, multilayered flight control system engineered in Germany

    Multilayered flight controller circuit board technology. Fully integrated, exceptionally fast responding speed controllers are unmatched in today’s industry.

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  • Light weight carbon and composite airframe designed for hard 3D action

    Built with high-grade materials comprising of carbon and aluminum composite parts, ensures the right level of stiffness, keeps the vibrations off the grid and the weight optimized for hard 3D action.

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  • Distinct LED illumination at arms and body to assist flight orientation

    Easier to spot and captivating to follow. Well positioned power LEDs at the arms and body are clearly visible from any angle to assist flight orientation.

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  • Powered by Scorpion high end brushless motor technology

    Machined aluminum front housing with 5 angled cooling holes that pump air through the motor while it runs. Specially designed NdFeB magnets with high temperature rating for trouble-free operation. Durable black Electro-Coat finish on the flux ring to look good for years to come.

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  • Quick release battery tray

    Attached via a secure locking mechanism that features a fast release button. Reliable power transfer via high current XT60 connector.

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R8 Ground Control Radio System

Maneuver your RC Logger multi-rotor with the R8 system. Its large display delivers real-time telemetry data including global navigation, altitude, speed, flight status, onboard battery status and other important information. The R8 is the perfect match for your NovaX or Navigator 250 pre-configured for simple operation. Activate “return to home” (RTH) or the optional retract system by simply toggling a switch. The control sticks are made of aluminium allowing a perfect grip. A neck strap is included while a smartphone or pad mount is available optional. The R8 is compatible with the TWIST 300 as well.


Diameter w/out propellers
320 mm
Propeller Diameter
8 x 4.5
Flight time
8-10 mins
Operating Environment
Indoor/Outdoor dry
TX Radio Control
R8 Transmitter
TX Radio Frequency
2.4 GHz
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