NovaX 350

The different experience; enjoy the combination of unparalleled, stylish design, well-engineered airframe and innovative flight control system characteristics. The NovaX 350 consolidates rigid design, modern aeronautic technology as well as easy maintainability into one outstanding versatile multi-rotor platform.

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Autonomous Mission Control

Autonomous Mission Control

Take-off, hover, move, turn and land fully autonomous via "EYEControl" mission planning App for iOS and Android. The NovaX performs full flight missions directly from your mobile device. Real-time telemetry data is directly transferred to the remote control and Pad or Smartphone.

Unique Front and Rear Illumination

Unique Front and Rear Illumination

Two distinct multi-color front and rear LED illuminated areas provide maximum visual orientation support as well as flight status indication. The large front LED panel clearly identifies orientation during flight while both; rear and front LED indicate important status and flight mode details to the pilot.

Brushless Motor Technology

Brushless Motor Technology

Maximum efficiency and durability, the Brushless Motor Technology is designed to drive the NovaX 350 during slow and smooth flying sessions required for aerial photography as well as agile, exciting maneuvers performed during fun and acrobatic sport flying.

High-Grade Material Airframe

High-Grade Material Airframe

The NovaX 350 is built with high-grade materials comprising of carbon fiber and composite parts, the ‘High Performance Rigid Airframe Construction’ ensures the right level of stiffness, keeps the vibrations off the grid and the weight optimized for aerial photographers as well as casual and dynamic hobbyists.

  • Illumination Kit
  • X3 Mini Gimbal Pro
  • Retractable Landing Gear
  • Carbon and Lower Support Boom
  • Brushless Motor Technology
  • Illumination Kit

    Transform the NovaX into a shinning night flyer. Enjoy stunning, eye catching multi-color flying experience. Customize light patterns via App to excite onlookers as well as to enhance orientation. The Illumination Kit is pre-installed on both, the Aerial Photography and the NovaX 350 Plus RtF Set.

  • X3 Mini Gimbal Pro

    The 3-Axis Mini Gimbal X3 Pro ensures smooth camera movement for crystal clear video and image capture. Designed for quick release mounting onto the RC EYE NovaX 350 Plus, it also fits onto a wide range or aerial multi-rotor platforms. The X3 Mini Gimbal Pro includes an integrated 5.8 GHz video transmitter.

  • Retractable Landing Gear

    Move the landing gear up or down directly from the ground control allowing a complete obstruction free camera view. An easy to install upgrade and included with the Aerial Photography Set. Gear is lowered automatically at return to home just before touchdown.

  • Carbon and Lower Support Boom

    Sleek, rigid, crash resistant construction comprising of an elliptical shaped true carbon main boom backed by a flexible composite lower support bar. This design provides just the right amount of stiffness and flexibility absorbing high impact energy and keeping unwanted vibrations away.

  • Brushless Motor Technology

    Powerful drive system for maximum efficiency and durability, the Brushless Motor Technology is designed to drive the NovaX 350 during slow and smooth flying sessions required for aerial photography as well as agile, exciting maneuvers performed during fun and acrobatic sport flying.

R8 Ground Control Radio System

Maneuver your RC Logger multi-rotor with the R8 system. Its large display delivers real-time telemetry data including global navigation, altitude, speed, flight status, onboard battery status and other important information. The R8 is the perfect match for your NovaX or Navigator 250 pre-configured for simple operation. Activate “return to home” (RTH) or the optional retract system by simply toggling a switch. The control sticks are made of aluminum allowing a perfect grip. A neck strap is included while a smartphone or pad mount is available optional.


4.0 (BLE)
Diameter w/out Propellers
13.78 in / 350 mm
Flight Time
20 mins
TX Radio Control
R8 Transmitter
TX Radio Frequency
2.4 GHz
TX Telemetry
Yes, via R8 Display
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Altitude with Attitude

  • This quad rocks, plain and simple. The GPS unit is more reliable than my $1500 3DR Solo and it flies like a demon in manual mode. Easy to fly for beginners but it can get aggressive when your skills advance.

    ★★★★★ – Douglas M. / 2016.08.12 via Amazon.Com

  • Well, what a great little drone, I have several “… other brand …” drones, and have to say I love flying this, so stable, cut through the wind, GPS and altitude lock is superb, It has been superbly engineered only complaint if any is the limited battery life of maybe that the way I fly, and by the way all the other manufacturers could learn from RC logger on the quality of their manuals, once again well done!

    ★★★★★ – Stuart / 2016.07.11

  • After I lost my quadcopter a year ago, I started to search and found my NovaX. I‘m absolutely thrilled by the manifold functions and impressed with the flight characteristics like RTH via GPS and altitude-hold function. It’s easy to handle, ready to fly through the app, quiet, fast and smooth but still agile. It’s easy to install the action cam and payload is more than enough. Recommended for purchase!

    ★★★★★ – Cruiser70 / 2016.07.21 via Conrad online shop

  • After getting a spare battery which allows me to take her up in the air for a reasonably time and after attaching a GoPro Hero Session I´m really impressed. What a cool device! It´s so much fun to fly it! Still in fully assisted beginner mode (GPS controlled) but fascinating anyway.

    ★★★★★ – DanielK / 2016.07.02 via NovaX Forum

  • Extremely high-quality materials and cool manufacturing design, very reliable, accurate GPS, and more. Really cool are the different options to expand the functions and adapt the copter through the flight modes, as well as the long and short landing gear. After the latest software update for the transmitter and the copter, I am already very excited about the new features of T.P.C.S. and that there will be further system developments. Keep it up!

    ★★★★★ – Schulle / 2016.06.23 via Conrad online shop

  • After constantly searching for a multicopter with GPS, I found NovaX in Munich. Got the GPS signal and what can I say? BRILLIANT! Everything worked right away especially RTH. After updating the firmware, now it is even more ingenious. So for what its worth, I strongly recommend NovaX for aerial videography. Additional treats are the 3S Lipo with a XT60 connector which makes it possible to use other batteries.

    ★★★★★ – Mackuser / 2016.06.06 via Conrad online shop

  • The NovaX is so much fun to fly, truly a well rounded quad capable of agility & speed flight in sport mode and able to capture stunning Aerial Photography with the addition of the X3 gimbal and retracts.

    ★★★★★ – James / 2016.01.03 via Facebook

  • I was pleasantly surprised when I unboxed the NovaX and discovered what a marvel of engineering that it is. The solid carbon fiber and fit finish and build quality are quite impressive and I hadn’t even flown it yet. When you hold the NovaX you know your handling a quality aircraft. The NovaX is “billed” as an AP & Acro Sport Solution and it definitely lives up to it’s promise.

    ★★★★★ – Edward / 2015.08.22

  • To be honest, I have had 2 crashes so far and only managed to lose a spinner nut and brake some props. The main body construction is well thought out and very very durable. So far all of my quad purchases from RC Logger exceeded my expectations.

    ★★★★★ – Douglas / 2015.06.25

  • The NovaX is truly a great sport quad, has performed flawless for me! the RTH feature has been awesome, it actually self corrected itself during decent to land exactly where I took off unlike my other quads that once it gets over the found take off point it descends and lands in the area of where it took off or close to it.

    ★★★★★ – Ron / 2015.06.15

  • Very satisfied with my NovaX 350 this far! I received it well packaged, everything works and smells like quality in this pretty unique design 350 quad. Controls and calibration of all sorts are intuitive and the GPS system has proven very precise this far. It’s very enjoyable to fly it and feels very solid even in high wind, also much more aggressive than what you would expect from a video solution once in sport mode.

    ★★★★★ – Max / 2015.05.29

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There are different options available for NovaX 350. All the following sets include these components:

  • NovaX 350
  • 5200 mAh 3S 40C LiPo Battery Pack
  • ABS Propeller Set
  • Carbon Fiber Propeller Set (Promotion)
  • Allen key (2.5 mm)
  • Landing Gear Set (Long)
  • Landing Gear Set (Short)
  • Washer and screw set (for CF Propellers)
  • Sticker set
  • PPM Cable
  • GoPro® Camera Tray
  • RC Logger Neck Strap
  • RC Logger Datalink
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Operating Instructions

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NovaX Plus RtF

  • NovaX Plus Configuration

  • R8 Radio System
  • Illumination Kit (pre-installed)
  • Battery Balance Charger

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NovaX ArF

For Radio Owners
  • NovaX Base Configuration

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NovaX Plus AP Set

For Camera Owners
  • NovaX Plus Configuration

  • R8 Radio System
  • Illumination Kit (pre-installed)
  • Battery Balance Charger
  • Retractable Landing Gear
  • X3 Mini Gimbal Pro
  • RC Logger Towel
  • RC Logger Tee Shirt

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NovaX Silver Edition

Camera Included
  • NovaX Plus Configuration

  • Color: Silver, White
  • R8 Radio System
  • Monitor, Phone Mount
  • Illumination Kit (pre-installed)
  • Battery Balance Charger
  • Retractable Landing Gear
  • X3 Mini Gimbal Pro (FPV ready)
  • Xiaomi Yi Camera
  • RC Logger Datalink

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EYEControl: NovaX

“Mobility included”, the intuitive App allows product calibration features as well as pilots to customize flight performance preferences and other options to the pilot’s individual needs.

The NovaX connects to Android and iOS devices via Bluetooth 4.0 with BLE running the “EyeControl: NovaX” App. Setup return to home (RTH) preferences, geo fencing, flight agility or even full autonomous mission planning. The App allows quick and simple product calibration, factory reset and various customization options.

Further App functions include light pattern settings for the optional available NovaX Night Flying Kit. Choose from various available default patterns or customize up to five different illumination settings. Available on the AppStore and Google play.

app-apple app-android